Seeing Spots Farm 

We have been raising Harlequin sheep for 19 years. This breed is a sweet timid small bred with lots to offer.

The pinto coloring and the docile temperament make these sheep perfect pets and petting zoo ambassadors for the livestock world.
Kim Gore
Lacee Dienst

Located outside Stephens City VA

About an hour from Washington D. C.
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Thanks to Battenkill Fibers for the beautiful blankets made from our Harlequins!!!  They even gave us a herringbone weave to show off the different colors.  I know it's hard to tell from these pics but they are amazing!!!
We would like to thank all who looked at 
the site and have fallen in love with this wonderful breed of sheep!!

And to the families who have taken our babies into your lives and have given them homes we pray everyone is happy and adjusting well.  
​                                       With Love, 
                                            Kim and Lacee 
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