Our farm has been in our family for generations and we are not the first to raise sheep on it but we have defineltey colored it up a bit with our Harlequin sheep.  These docile small pinto colored sheep are by far the most fun to raise, they are sweet natured, calm, and an easy size for us shorter gals to work with.  

We have been raising Harlequins for almost two decades and have found that they are the heartiest and most versatile breed that we have, most of our lambs are sold for pets and  to be shown in petting zoos.  These sheep can also be used for meat and wool.  They produce a mild flavored meat and are not a heavily muscled (tougher) breed.

We are located in the northern part of Virginia in the Shenandoah Valley.  On the farm with our sheep are two guard llamas, and many other odds and ends such as ducks, an Emu named Spencer, a yak named Yolanda, and some game chickens that rule the place. We started raising Harlequins for the coloring after meeting Kathy Sterling, the developer of the breed, she spent most of her adult life setting the standards for these beautiful sheep.

Every year at lambing--which could be anytime since they do breed out of season-- we can not wait to see the designs and variations of the lambs born.

Lambs are already cute and dear animals but add a splash of design and they are absolutely breathtaking.
OPIE -- 700 LBS OF LOVE!!!!
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