Sheep are born to be Mamas and they can teach all of us how to be better parents!

Just listening to a ewe coo to her new lambs could melt the coldest heart!!
11 years old when she passed. She was an outstanding mom who would raise a set of triplets in a heartbeat . We will miss her strong reliable mothering nature.
At 15 strong years, Jill passed away after enjoying her reteriment and relaxing with the older lady crew. She was bron right here on our farm and will be missed very much. 
 She was a wonderful producer even when we were not expecting it! As one of our best ewes no lambing season will be the same. 
Is missing having babies of her own but is happy to babysit for the other Mams as needed. She is loving life and just getting Fat and Sassy! 
Ursula has always been a bit aloof. Preferring to stand on the edge to watch the chaos of the barn rather then be apart of it, but she is a great mom!
Yeti's twin sister, very personable and in everyone's business. Beautiful Pinto markings and always has beautiful babies!
In Loving Memory 
Violet you are missed everyday. Being born on the farm going to the fair and coming back home to live a wonderful life full of love and lambs. You will always have a lambing stall with your name on it! 
Vidalia, always a little stand offish but a strong and loving mother. You will be missed and there will always be an empty spot in our barn now. 
Rachel has our most loving lambs! Her personality shines though her babies! They are generally calm and love to be held and played with!
Zsa Zsa
She has very unique coloring! With a mostly solid black front half and a very peppered back end when sheared she is a pure joy to look at! 
Tiny Dancer 
This is one of our most dedicated moms! She has been though 4 lambing seasons and in her opinion her babies are the BEST! 

After so many years of being our lead ewe and best mother to ALL the lambs, Mrs Hayden has passed. She will be remembered  as enjoying her days with treats often, and being present for most of the births and watching the babies jumping and playing.  
Born on the farm last year, we retained her for our own flock. She is a very colorful ewe with a small stature. Peppermint is her father and her mother is Westminster Abby. 
The Golden Years for these Ladies.
Harmony is from a set of Triplets born to Tiny Dancer and Peppermint right here on the farm spring 2020! She is a mild mannered ewe with lots of personality. She was always the ring leader amongst her siblings. 
Zipper made a grand entrance to the farm via C-Section from Ellie spring 2020. She is a strong ewe with beautiful spots all over! If she is even a little like her mama she will be a great producer and great mother!
One of our most social ladies. Maleny follows her mamas lead and is always underfoot and in everyone's business. She was born to Vista and John Henry spring of 2020. She has a full face of wool and two very fun mirror image spots on her back. She is awesome to have around and always lights up our day!  
Pickles (Edee) 

​All white ewe with makeup markings and a "beauty mark" on her nose. She is a strong ewe that is very protective of her babies.