Mother- Tiny Dancer  Father- Peppermint  
D.O.B. Feb 10, 2020

Hercules is the smallest of the triplets but has the biggest personality. He is always on an adventure. He is all white with dark makeup on his face. 
Mother- Ursula       Father-Peppermint  
D.O.B. Feb 12, 2020

Twin to Anna, Christoff is a very dark spotted ram. He is also a mamas boy and is under mamas feet at all times.

Mother- Ursula     Father-Peppermint 
D.O.B. Feb 12, 2020

Anna is a mamas girl. You rarely see either her or her brother stray from their mom. She is a beautiful little ewe with heather grey spots. 

Generation: FP 
Mother- Tiny Dancer    Father- Peppermint
D.O.B Feb 10, 2020

Harmony is the oldest of the triplets. She is a beautiful little lady that loves to boss around her brothers. She is a beautiful black with white highlights.  

Mother-Tiny Dancer   Father- Peppermint
D.O.B. Feb 10, 2020

Gulliver is the middle child of all the triplet group. He is the calmest and gentlest of the three. He is a gorgeous spotted ram with great lineage. 
We have happily placed all our lambs with new homes and are not expecting any more to come along this year. 


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Mother- Rachel     Father- John Henry  
D.O.B. Feb 13, 2020

She is a beautiful big ewe with lots of spots and color. She is a very docile girl that loves to snuggle with her mama.  
Mother- Rachel    Father- John Henry 
D.O.B Feb 13, 2020

Rufus is a grey/black spotted ram that is smaller then his sister Rosie and a little more laid back. He is more of a lover not a fighter. 

Generation: FP
Mother- Vista   Father- John Henry
D.O.B Feb 22, 2020

Nambour is a petit little girl that has beautiful spots all over her body. She comes from Vista one of our past bottle babies and is as spoiled as her mama. 
Going to live with Amy!
Mother- Vista   Father- John Heny
D.O.B. Feb 22, 2020

Twin sister to Nambour Maleny has almost a mirror image coloring. Her spots are so crisp and round is looks like they were painted there. She also has those hard to resist panda eye markings. 
Grace Kelly
Mother-Zsa Zsa   Father- John Henry 
D.O.B Feb 24, 2020

She is mostly white with vivid black spots. She is a girl that is easily distracted but comes running when mom calls. Her twin Ginger Rogers is just as pretty but got more of the color. 

 To Tressa, we hope you love 
her as much as we do! 

Ginger Rogers 
Mother- Zsa Zsa  Father- John Henry 
D.O.B. Feb. 24, 2020

Ginger is has a little more color then her twin, but still has the full panda face. Ginger is more reserved and is always close to mama. 
Mother- Ellie  Father- Tilson 
D.O.B. Feb. 26, 2020

Zipper is our little surprise miracle baby. Her mama was supposed to be retired but was feeling frisky one afternoon and got out and found Tilson just waiting for her. Zipper was delivered via C-section. Her and mama are both doing great. 
Reserved for our flock! 
Reserved for our flock! 
Going to live with Amy
Reserved for our flock!
 To Tressa, we hope you love him as much as we do! 
He will be going to live and be loved by Mary Pat!
 To Tressa, we hope you love him as much as we do! 
 To Tressa, we hope you love her as much as we do! 
She is now living in OH! 
He will be going to live the good life with his new Mama Stephanie