It is with a very heavy heart that we want to let our Harlequin family know that Ramsey went over the "Rainbow Bridge" to  a greener pasture where there is  no pain and The Shepherd is the most wonderful!

    We will miss him every day and he will be forever in our hearts.  Not every day does a ram demonstrate a fatherly temperament and let lambs jump all over him and ewes use him as a babysitter in the fields while they eat in peace.  He was there at every lambing watching and being a supportive presence to his girls.  

    Ramsey, you were loved beyond measure and have left a legacy of which to be proud.

Goodbye Handsome we will love you always!
Our Rams
Peppermint Ramsey's surprise ram lamb.  We are so blessed to have Ramsey's bloodline live on in Pep!!  He is just like his Dad , sweet, docile and always ready to snuggle!!!
(OK so not the most manly pic but look how cute!)
Pepper Bred:
Tiny Dancer

Our Ram on "Stand-by"


In Loving Memory 
Yeti will be missed. He passed away this past fall. He was surrounded by his ewes and his Yak. He had been battling scoliosis. He has left a big whole in the barn. He was always the fist to greet us and give us love.
He was also the yak whisperer and is very missed by his best friend Yolanda. Yeti was an amazing ram that loved to be taken to events and to be an ambassador of the sheep world. 

He will forever be in our hearts!
 He gave us some wonderful babies throughout the years and we will never forget him.
John Henry came from Spotty Dotty Acres. He is so happy to see us when we come to the barn. He does a little jump spin whenever we come to see him. He is proving to be a great producer! 
John Henry
 Lambing Season

John Henry bred
Zsa Zsa